Language stay in Broadstairs 2024

The language stay in Broadstairs was a really good experience, not only will you learn more English, but you will also make new friends. You get to know a lot of new people not only from Switzerland or England, but also from all over the world. Going to college was always a blast and you can learn many different things, which are not only about grammar or speaking. But the teachers also teach you a lot about English culture. Speaking of the teachers, they are all very lovely and kind. You will have different teachers, but everyone is more than happy to help you improve your English.

The college organizes a lot of different activities which will be held in your spare time, those are great opportunities to get to know the other students and learn more about the region you are staying in. Broadstairs is a very beautiful small fishing town with a beach and there are good connections to the neighbouring towns.

The host families were a big selling point for me. I personally learnt a lot from my host family. They are very talkative and treat you like family. They also give you tips for things you can do in and out of the town.

In the end, I can say, if you don’t go you will miss a big opportunity