Language stay on Malta 2024

On 27th April 2024 we boarded our airplane heading to Malta. On arrival at the airport, we were warmly welcomed by Ephraim and Pato, our group leaders for the next two weeks. We were accommodated at Hotel Number 11, and that was not just its name, it also got 11 out of 10 points – for it was better than any of us had ever imagined. The staff was helpful and friendly. Every morning after breakfast, we were able to walk comfortably to school, which was just around the corner, only a few meters away.

Bheka, one of our teachers, was a highlight. We learned a lot, and the lessons simply flew by. Our English became more fluent from day to day, and we felt more confident when speaking. We never got bored and always had a lot of fun.

Malta, however, consisted of more than good lessons: From paintball to a dinner at the beach and a trip to see Comino, the beautiful blue lagoon, everything was extremely well organized and an experience we will never forget. Nightlife was great fun too, and we enjoyed every single evening as well. All in all, we recommend the trip to Malta to everyone. Your experiences will be unique, and you will also learn the language, which is simply a perfect combination.