Looking Back on Our Malta Trip 2023

Our journey kicked off when we landed at Malta International Airport on April 31st. From the moment we stepped off the plane, our two friendly school guides were there to welcome us and take us to the hotel by bus. The hotel was really nice, well-equipped, and in a convenient location.

Our school was just across the street, making it easy to get there. The classroom size was cozy, and the lessons were interesting and taught us a lot. Despite the vibrant construction scene in San Giljan, our surroundings buzzed with an adventurous energy.

We were able to enjoy sunny and warm weather for almost two weeks.

Climbing: one of the many leisure activities in Malta.

When we weren't in class, we had a lot of fun together. On the first Wednesday, we explored Mdina, a historical town, where only a few hundred people live. It was really beautiful, and we had some amazing cake at a local restaurant.
Friday was dedicated to diving. We had an online course to learn the basics before we actually went diving. It was a cool experience seeing the underwater world up close and in person.
One of the best days was when we took a boat tour to Comino Island. The weather was great, even though it was a bit windy on the boat. The island was fun to explore, and we could also take a ride on a speedboat if we wanted.
On Sunday, we visited Valletta, the capital of Malta. The city was lovely, and the food there was really good. We had some great conversations while we ate.
Monday brought the thrill of paintball. After a short introduction, we had an extremely exciting paintball match, even though it could be a bit painful at times.
In the second week, soccer matches were a highlight, with enthusiasts coming together for spirited games. Although a minor scrape on the artificial turf was a small hiccup, the camaraderie and shared passion made every match memorable.
On Thursday and Friday, the whole group had dinner at two different restaurants. The food was delicious, and it was nice to chat with everyone.
While the second week posed challenges with illnesses, our group remained resilient. Mealtimes brought variety: breakfast buffets at the hotel, packed lunches at school, and selective dinners at restaurants. Lunch portions occasionally left us wanting more, but the dinners always delightful.
The event organization was seamless, thanks to our attentive guides, who made everything run smoothly. Our time in Malta drew to a close all too soon. We had made new friends, honed our English skills, and collected cherished memories. Yet, the anticipation of reuniting with loved ones back home added a touch of bittersweet nostalgia.
Malta, you've left an indelible mark on our hearts, and as we bid farewell, we carry your magic with us, eager to share our stories with friends and family back in Switzerland.