Our Language Stay in Malta

Having never been on a language stay before, none of us really knew what to expect. We were not sure if we would really be able to learn anything in such an environment, because we knew being with friends who speak the same native language would make it hard to speak English.

Comino – The Blue Lagoon

In retrospect, we could have tried to speak English even more, but nonetheless our speaking experiences led to a big improvement in our skills. We thought that the fact that English is not the first language of most Maltese people may limit our ability to improve the fluency of our English, but in most cases when the Maltese people did not understand what we were trying to say that was when we learned the most.

We found the programme of ESE very helpful in preparation for the Cambridge English Exams. The leisure activities, which were organised by the school, were much fun and loosened things up for us in between all the lessons. With many of the activities, we had a chance to learn about and see a lot of Malta, whilst also getting to know what would become some of our future friends.

Our personal favourites were the so-called Jeep Safari, during which we drove across Malta on the back of several Jeeps and were able to see the island’s varied landscape, and the journey on a sailing boat to Comino, a beautiful blue lagoon, where we were able to take great pictures of the aquamarine coloured sea as well as the amazing rock formations, such as the one you see in the picture.

All in all, we advise anybody who is thinking about trying a language stay to do it. We can only recommend it to all of you.