Our super cool fantastic experience in Malta

Hi everybody, we want to tell you about our experience in Malta. If you aren’t sure whether or not to go, then stop thinking and just go. The money you’re going to spend will be worth it.

View of St Julian's, Malta, the location of our school

Trip to the Blue Lagoon

Jeep safari


The whole trip is very well organised. Starting with the flight, then the school, leisure time and the stay at the host family. The school staff will be there for you 24/7. They are very friendly and kind. They make sure you feel well. If you have any problems, people from the school will be there for you. But be careful! They joke a lot, so don’t take everything seriously.

The team responsible for you is about the same age as you are. So, they are young people who also want to have fun. Together you’re going to do a number of fun activities, but you will also have enough time for yourself. We, for instance, went on a whole-day boat trip. We could jump into the water from the boat, enjoyed a delicious meal and were stunned by the Blue Lagoon. The colour of the sea is so beautiful.

On another day we went on a Jeep safari. We saw the island’s hidden natural beauty, and we took a lot of photos for Instagram. Some of us played paintball, others went diving. The school offered a lot of trips, for example to Mdina – the old capital, to Valetta or to Golden Bay. And all of that was included in the price we paid. But even if you’re someone who doesn’t like being with other people all the time, don’t worry, most of the trips are voluntary.

When you go to Malta, you will stay with a host family. Our experience with them was good. They were friendly and helpful and cooked for us every evening. Because you talk English with the family, you also learn a lot  in your free time. At the school, you will learn English on your personal level. Your parents and friends might say nobody can learn English in two weeks. But you can answer with a resounding «Yes, I will.» Because you’re always using and practising your English. After the trip you’ll certainly be better at speaking, at grammar and at reading.

We hope we’ve been able to convince you and we wish you a good time on Malta.

PS: We know your trip will be great, so don’t worry.